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Cooked veggies with tomato sauce and Chorizo sausage

Cooked veggies with tomato sauce and Chorizo sausage Pin it


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1 can black beans; 1 can peas; 1 can baby carrots; 1 big ognion; 1 green/red pepper; 2 tomatoes (You can choose the fresh peas, beans and carrots, in that case you have to boil them before following the receipt) tomatoe paste/juice black pepper; chilli; indian spices mix (garam masala) garlic powder; a pinch of salt; 1 hot chorizo sausage


Fry with water the chopped ognion as following: add in a pan the ognion and add at first 1 tablespoon of water, when there is no water in the pan add another spoon, until the ognion will become a bit transparent. add the finely chopped green/red pepper and fry it as well for 2min along with ognion. After add the 2 finely chopped tomatoes and let it fry along with the ognion for 3 min, as well keep adding one spoon of water when all the water has been evaporated or incorporated. At the end add the tomatoe juice/paste and add half a glass of water if you have chosen the tomatoe juice, or a full glass one if you have the paste . Mix everything together while still on the stove, and as well add all the spices and salt. Let it boil for 2 min. In an oven tray(or one like in the picture) add the beans, peas, baby carrots(after washing them – if you are using the can ones). Cut the chorizo sausage and add it on top of the beans. Mix all of them together and then and on top of it the sauce you just made. Heat the oven at 230 Celsius and let it cook for 20 min.

Recipe Contributed by: Ms. Adriana J.

Cooked veggies with tomato sauce and Chorizo sausage

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