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Deconstructed Raw Chocolate

Deconstructed Raw Chocolate Pin it


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Easy, quick dessert – Deconstructed Raw Chocolate Slice

Quantities are approx. – Mix to your own desired taste.

1. 1 cup cacao butter & 1 cup cacao powder – Melt both in heatproof bowl over saucepan of boiling water, stirring until combined.
2. Add Raw honey to taste & a good pinch of Himalayan salt – stir.
3. Remove from heat (to keep moist), stir in handful frozen berries of choice & goji berries.
Spread mixture into lined tray.
4. Chop/crush mixed Raw nuts (& coconut – Be as creative as you want with toppings) and press into mixture.
Freeze then break into bite sizes pieces.

Contributed by: Christie Collins

Aarti Borole

Gold's gym certified personal trainer with years of health and wellness experience. Possess proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercises programs and diet plans. All the recipes here are personally tried and tested.

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