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Training helps the mind respond readily

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Staying Fit Always
When I feel calm, my body feels better. I can run around, walk and be fit. Android Apps or gear do not help me in staying fit. I prefer to meditate for a calm mind.

Happiness Mantra
Our life depends on our passions, thinking and our lifestyle. Just like Life, Happiness is not a destination. You have to learn to be happy always. Utilize all the opportunities that are thrown on your way, grab them, channelize them in a fruitful way and meet your goals.

Work vs Life – maintain a balance
Planning always helps everyone but effective planning never fails. I plan my day one day before so that I know what I need to do the next day. A simple and productive technique – but very helpful in the long run. Mind responds well to training – train your mind, to think positive, to think better and to be happy. Planning is very important too – don’t let work overtake your time as you will forget to enjoy life.

Stress – how to control it?
People have different hobbies and different ways to relax. I love to play a game on my mobile whenever I am free. It distracts me from my problems. Later, I feel refreshed and better.

Disaster Management
You cannot sit at one place during a disaster or when things go haywire. You have to go through it and fix the problem. If you love the good things happening to you, don’t curse youself for the bad things happening to you.

Take the Risks
One should always take risks in life. I like the people who take risks and move forward. No pains, no gains.

Success vs Failure – how to handle?
Success is something you should analyze and see how to achieve more. Failure is what you should re-analyze and see how you could have done things differently. A slight difference between the two approaches.

Control your mind, control your life!


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