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No sugar smooth mascarpone cream

No sugar smooth mascarpone cream Pin it


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Have you even envied people who can eat ice-cream while you are on a no sugar diet? Well here you have a yummy replacing:


500gr mascarpone

250 cream for whipped cream (it is not the liquid whipped cream, it is just the cream used to make whipped cream, it has no sugar)

1 orange

vanilla (essence or few seeds)

1 table spoon of honey (can add more depending on how sweet you want to make it)

food coloring


Add the mascarpone, cream, vanilla and honey in a bowl and mix it using a mixer until it is becomes hard; it has to look like whipped cream.

Wash the orange and grate the skin. Add it to the composition and gently stir. Also add as much orange juice as you like for a more flavoury taste and stir gently. The cream shouldn’t become liquid, it should keep the same composition as whipped cream.

Depending on how many colors you want to apply, put in different bowls, add the coloring and stir again.

For serving, add it in cups and put it in freezer for a while(if you want it like ice cream, let it for a couple of hours, it can be eaten however you like).

Little trick:

Add any fruits you wish, it doesn’t necessary have to be oranges. If it has a flavor skin, grate the skin directly into the cream.

Contributed by: Aris Jj

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