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Stress and what’s next?

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A certain amount of stress gives us zest for life and releases our creativity for better of performing tasks.

But more stress leads to Physiological, psychological and behavioral consequences.

Physiological symptoms :
a) Digestive symptoms, e.g. loss of appetite, indigestion, acidity, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach upset.
b) Sleeping trouble, insomnia, eyestrains, and sour eyes.
c) Erratic breathing, sweaty palms, dry mouth, cold fingers, shaky hands.
d) Muscular problems, muscle pains, twitching muscles, pain in neck, back, tense arms or shoulders, muscle strain, vague aches and pains.
e) Headaches, migraines, dizziness
f) Frequency of urination
g) Cardio vascular troubles, heart rate elevation, hypertension, heart disease, breathlessness
h) Allergic cold, tremors, palpitation, skin rashes and irritation.
i) Fatigue, weakness
j) Rapid gain or loss of weight

Psychological symptoms:

a) Mental health
b) Restlessness
c) Anger or angry bouts
d) Depression
e) Nervousness
f) Irritability
g) Emotionally worried, fatigued, exhausted
h) Lack of enthusiasm
i) Inability to cope
j) Emptiness
k) Crying
l) Self doubt and dullness
m) Loss of sense of humor
n) Feeling of guilt
o) Memory lapses
p) Inability to concentrate

Behavioral symptoms :
a) Less care in appearance
b) Neglected look or hygiene
c) Forgetfulness
d) Decreased job performance
e) Decreased job satisfaction
f) Over eating
g) Workaholism
h) Lack of trust
i) Increased intake of alcohol drugs
j) Defensive behavior
k) Jealousy, lack of forgiving
l) Nail bitting, hair pulling, finger tapping, knee jaggling, non stop talking.

Contributed by: Dr. Priyanka Borole

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