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Stress from Work

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The factors usually include working conditions, work overload and work under-load both qualitative as well as quantitative, long hours, excessive travel, too much decision, deadlines and time pressure.

Role in the organization
Role ambiguity, role conflict, responsibility for people and things and other stressors.

Relationships at work
Interpersonal relationship with colleagues, superiors and subordinates form a major source of stress. Poor interactions generate poor human relations as a result at which people experience low trust, low cooperation, low supportive and low interest in listening to others.

Career development
Feeling of getting stagnated in ones career is highly frustrating and stressful. Again, if there is under or over promotion, status in congruity results. Another factor is lack of job security, fear of redundancy or early retirement. Lack of proper career planning and career development.

Organizational structure and climate
This source of stress includes factors like line-staff conflicts, little opportunity for advancement.
Similarly, there is lack of participation in decision making, lack of mutual trust, lack of belongingness, lack of effective consultation, absence at helping relations and cooperation, absence at helping relations and cooperation, poor organizational climate is linked to poor communications which result from inability as well as unwillingness to communicate. Factor like inadequate information, inaccurate assessment at performance at performance and poor feedback are also included.

Extra organizational sources of stress
These sources of stress include varying factor like social change, technological change, family problems, life strains, financial difficulties, residential condition, conflict in work home interface and life crisis.

Stress response
For successful stress management we would be aware about sources of stress in our lives and our physical and psychological responses to them.

How we respond to stressors is determined by our characters by our perception of “what is” and “what would be”
By our personality, motivation, problem solving capacity and ability for self introspection.

An individual make up and overall physical and mental health are of significance in how he will to particular stressor in his environment. For instance, disease, diet, drugs, occupation, family and social situation, location, physical and mental fitness, emotional stability and ability to release. All these determine the individual’s response to particular stressors.

Contributed by: Dr. Priyanka Borole

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