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We all have one thing in common, we all are always unsatisfied with our body types. The skinny ones want to be beefier. The beefy wants to be leaner. The bulky one wants to be more ripped, the thin ripped once wants to be more massive.

Though the individual differences are important, there is a generalized system to assess individual needs and goals. Regardless of age, race or gender you likely fit more or less into one of the following categories: ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. The condition of your body type have to do more with bone structure and body frame than the muscle tissue itself.
One mistake which many body shapers make is to assume that all rules of dieting, exercise and weight training applies to each individual. However, this is not kindergarten. The rule in hand always vary, depending on genetic makeup.

1. Ectomorph: naturally thin and lightly built with flat chest and poorly muscled limbs. They can usually eat as much as they want without gaining fat. Extreme conditions are often defined as skinny.
The best way to deal with such condition is to eat eat and eat extra. Adding certain calories is probably encouraged. Five substantial meals a day, favoring ample carbohydrates with ample proteins, is the best way to sprout some muscle mass.

2. Mesomorph or athletic: husky, with a muscular body. Characterized by large chest, large torso and solid muscular structure. Mesomorphs are luckiest among all three body types. They have the tendency to be muscular and ripped, maintaining the best attributes of ectomorphs and endomorphs.
Mesomorphs basically follows only the general guidelines for being healthy and to maintain a desire physique. They should consume a gram of protein a day for every pound of his or her body weight. This can be divided in 6 different meals per day.

3. Endomorphs: stocky thick, thick limbs and heavy bones.
Many endomorphs desire a leaner, more defined muscles. They must cut down on the fat to minimum. Lean protein sources are generally recommended here, anything from fish and turkey to egg whites. They should take 7 small portions of meal throughout the day, a sly method of boosting the metabolism and burning fats and calories. High cardio exercises are more welcome for endomorphs looking to trim down.

Although no one is purely one body type, but elements of all three types are present instead. These body types were first outlined by William Sheldon’s studies in the 1940’s concerning possible relationships between body type and personality traits in individuals.

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