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What is Stress?

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What is Stress?

Stress, in its simplest terms, is our reaction to changes that require a response from us. In a state of stress the person believes that everything is an emergency.

Types of Stress

Physical: This occurs when the body as a whole starts to suffer as a result of a stressful situation.

Emotional: These response are due to stress affecting the mind and include anxiety, anger, depression, irritability, frustration, over-reaction to everyday problems, memory loss and a lack of concentration for any task.

Psychological: Long-term stress can cause psychological problems in some individuals.

Signs & Symptoms of stress

People react to stress in different ways. Once you identify your own signs of stress, they can serve as your personal early warning system.

Four types of stress signs:

Changes in body functions and physical health

Changes in emotions and feelings

Changes in behavior

Changes in Thoughts

Emotional symptoms like: moodiness, irritability or short temper, Agitation, inability to relax, Feeling overwhelmed sense of loneliness and isolation, Depression or general unhappiness.

Behavioral symptoms like: Eating more or less, Sleeping too much or too little, isolating yourself from others, Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities, using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to relax, nervous habits (e.g., nail biting, pacing).

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