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Yoga – Stress Buster

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Yoga practiced regularly repairs he body at a cellular level. It strengthens the body and mind so that we can handle potentially stressful situations better. We can react to situation in more better way. Yoga helps us to be calmer, healthier, happier and live more vibrant, fulfilling lives.

When you are physically or mentally stressed, both mind and body are in chaos. This is mainly due to the stress hormone created in body named cortisol. It is very important to under this hormone and its role in our body.  This hormone is secreted by adrenal glands and normally is helpful to manage sugar levels, salt and some fluids in our body. This hormone is also needed to maintain the overall mental health and also control the part of brain that controls the mood, motivation and fear.

When stressed, this hormone – cortisol levels increases. This can lead to negativity both mentally and physically, especially when stress and anxiety are prolonged. The increased hormone levels leads to digestive problems, sleep disorders, low immune system, hair loss and increased risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases. It affects the clarity of thoughts, creativity, productivity, confidence levels and can lead to depression.

Stress is a psychological state that happens when we react negativity to an external stimulus. Yoga aims at taking an individual from a vishipta chitta (diseased/distracted) state of mind to anandamaya chitta (blissful/ relaxed) state of mind. It is about the inner transformation of an individual and it does this through the combined practice of asanas (postures) bandhas )neuro-muscular locks), relaxation, pranayama (breathing) and Dhyan (Meditation).

At a physical level, yoga asanas, in coordination with your breath, gently stretch the body and help the spine lose the stiffness that can come with stress. Knotted muscle fibres open up and body relaxes. Holding asanas also massages and stimulates ou internal organs and glands. Along with Bhandhas, yoga re-balances hormonal levels.

Our respiratory system is directly linked to our nervous system. When stressed, our breath is erratic. Pranayama normalise our breathing and increases the oxygen intake capacity developing more pran shakti (life-force energy). This relaxes and calms the nerves, expands the capacity of lungs, increases vitality, increases strength, positive attitude towards life. When practices regularly we have more energized days and stimulates healthy and easy going lifestyle.

Yoga techniques like yog nidra, chanting and meditation can be followed for additional benefits.


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